Jul 6, 2017

Thursday acting classes.

So, I’ve done some performing when I was a much younger man but nothing at all serious. I’ve dated actors too one who was taking Sandy Meisner’s class way back in the day and while she was taking it I would find myself fascinated by the way they went about trying to create a very naturalistic performance.

Someone recently told me that it sounded as if I could be a stand up because of the conversation we were having and that it sounded as if I was doing a routine which in a way I was because I was using material that I developed awhile back that I know is funny, gets laughs and am still honing.

I had at one point even toyed with taking some classes down at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade but truthfully I couldn’t muster the energy to fight my default state of lassitude

Anyhow... in my many hours of idle internet wandering I happened upon this jewel which is totally fascinating and which I am going to post regularly as I track more down.

Actors on Actors - Kirsten Dunset & Rami Malek

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